Applicants read this first

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Applicants read this first

Post by TyR » Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:46 pm

Please make sure to read the following posts:
Pestilence Guild Charter
Pestilence FAQ

After familiarizing yourself with our policies and finding that we would be a good fit, please provide the following information in your application. Feel free to contact us in game as well if you do not hear anything back or get a follow up on your application post.

Character Name: Your main character name
Character Class: Your character class
Character Level: Your character level
Original Server: Server you transferred or were merged from if applicable
Feat Spec: Yellow Gremlin link of your feat build
AA Perks: Trained AA's that require a perk bar slot and are often large amounts of points but useful. Be sure to indicate Resolve (Soldier), Unbinding Charm (Mage), Steadfast Faith (Priest), Finely Honed & Tainted Weapons (Rogue).
Subscription Type: Premium or Free to play
Casual or Raider: Do you intend to be raiding consistently to over 60% of our raids
How long playing: Time playing game or date first character created (/born command in game tells you that character)
Friends in Guild: Know or recommended to join by somone
Previous Guild(s): Where have you been before? Why did you leave?
Alts (optional): Characters and classes that are not your main focus
Gaming History (optional): Anything else worth noting? Previous MMO's for example
Other Notes: Anything else we should know?

Character Name: Apollyon
Character Class: Necromancer
Character Level: 80
Original Server: Dagoth
Feat Spec: Nightfall linked on Yellow Gremlin
AA Perks: Pressing Strikes (5/5), Decisive Strikes (5/5), Enchanter (5/5), Unbinding Charm, Supreme Lich
Subscription Type: Premium
Casual or Raider: Raider
How long playing: Since 5/17/2008
Friends in guild: Apollyon
Previous Guild: Hell
Alts (optional): Terrorskull 80 Assassin
Gaming History (optional): Lots of online games since 1995: Mechwarrior (leadership roles), Call of Duty series, EQ, WoW (raiding) and others.
Other Notes: Software developer. Managing a chat bot for AoC.
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