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    September 3, 2010

    Pestilence is recruiting!

    Filed under: Announcements,Recruitment — Apollyon @ 6:59 pm

    We are currently recruiting raiders as indicated by the classes listed on the right of the home page. We are primarily focused on increases our number of active raiders, but casual players looking for home should not be discouraged.

    Raid details:
    • Days: Monday – Thursday
    • Time: 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM Central
    • Focus: Thoth-Amon’s with some BRC for gearing and keying new people (usually Monday nights)
    What are we looking for in a raider?
    • No use of exploits of game mechanics to cheat the system
    • Attendance of at least 60% of raids
    • Ability to learn, follow instructions and take constructive criticism
    • Willingness to sign up using the raid planner to indicate if attendance is likely, possible or unlikely
    • Determination to keep trying at a new encounter even if that means a lot of attempts
    Interested so far?

    If you are interested please register for our forums and post an application as outline in this post. You are also encouraged to check out the links in that post for the guild charter and the FAQ. We will most likely contact you in game, but please keep checking back on the forum for responses as well.

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